Services: Express Water Heater Service and Plumbing

Rely on the Express Water Heater Service experts who bring years of knowledge, skill, and experience in the water heater and plumbing field to your home. Have confidence knowing that a water heater from Express is hand selected to be safe, energy efficient, and designed for your home.

Our professionals are capable and always prepared to handle all responsibilities in the repair or replacement of your water heater and or plumbing repairs. Don’t risk damage to delicate parts, cross threaded gas connections or forgotten elevation of the water heater with inexperienced installers, count on Express experts to get the job done right.

If your water heater looks fine but doesn’t produce hot water, rest assured that Express will find the best solution for you – including the simple replacement of an inexpensive part. With Express, our customers get peace of mind and confidence knowing they will get good, old fashioned, ethical service – that’s priceless!


  • First class, fast, friendly service
  • Energy efficient products
  • Water supply lines
  • Pressure release valve
  • Recycle/disposal of old water heater
  • Direct warranty coverage

Absolutely no hidden charges!

Does your home have an open or closed water system? A closed system is subject to thermal expansion and pressure build-up. An open system may become closed when water meters, check valves, or other factors interfere.

Why is this important with my installation? This is the type of question an expert with Express Water Heater can answer. We will provide you with the best service while getting the job done quickly, AND at an affordable price. This is what sets us apart – good, old fashioned, ethical service!

Plumber Services

Faucets and sinks, tubs, toilets, water heaters, garbage disposals, leaks and main line service Is it time to replace your kitchen sink? Is the faucet continuously dripping, no matter how tight you turn the tap? It may be time to call Express Water Heater Service to replace your kitchen fixtures. Express Water Heater Service can also install a garbage disposal in your sink.

Is your toilet constantly “running”, No matter the reason, from appearances to repairs, Express Water Heater Service can exchange your old toilet with a new one in no time at all.